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ACNH Glossary and Terms You Should Know - Part 1

New players can learn the lingo and get up to speed with the ACNH glossary. Here are some of the most common terms you'll come across on your island adventure, both in-game and in the Animal Crossing community.

In this article: 

  1. Amiibo Cards
  2. Bells
  3. Cataloging
  4. Critterpeadia
  5. Custom Designs App
  6. DIY Recipe
  7. Dodo Code
  8. Drop-off Box
  9. Happy Home Academy
  10. Harv's Island and Photopia
  11. Hot Items
  12. Island Designer App


ACNH Glossary to Help You Enjoy Island Life ASAP

Amiibo Cards

Amiibo cards give you cool in-game extras, such as new characters, bonuses, or special items. 

ACNH Amiibo Cards are collector's trading cards that bring visitors to your island. You can then invite them to Harv's Island for a photoshoot or ask them to move to your island.



Bells are the currency you use in ACNH to buy items from stores, trade with other villagers, and pay your mortgage or other services.

You'll find Bells by shaking trees, digging up shining spots, or hitting money rocks. Additionally, you earn Bells by selling sea creatures, fruit, insects, and other items.



Your catalog lists all the items you've collected. It allows you to repurchase items you gave away, sold, lost, or if you need multiples of an item. Your catalog is accessible through the Nook Stop in Resident Services.



The Critterpedia app is similar to an encyclopedia where you can view all the bugs, sea creatures, and fish you've caught. 


Custom Designs App

The Custom Designs app lets you make designs or download some via QR codes.


DIY Recipes

DIY recipes allow you to craft items through the DIY mechanic. Once you obtain and learn a recipe, you can collect the necessary materials and use a DIY workbench to create the item.


Dodo Code

Orville will give you a dodo code when you open your airport. Guests need your dodo code to visit your island.


Drop-Off Box

The drop-off box is outside Nooks Cranny, on the left side. You can use the drop-off box to sell items outside shop hours. However, you'll only earn 80% of the original full price. 


Happy Home Academy

The Happy Home Academy is an organization that evaluates your interior design skills and rewards you if your house meets its standards. 


Harv's Island and Photopia

Photopia is the building found on Harv's Island where you can set up photoshoots. You can access items you've unlocked in the Nook Shopping Catalog and arrange indoor scenes by placing furniture, changing the flooring and wallpaper, and invite villagers to stage photos


Hot Items

Check the bulletin board outside Nooks Cranny for the hot item of the day. Although the items rotate, it's usually a DIY project. Hot items sell for double the usual price. 


Island Designer App

The Island Designer app allows you to create paths, tear down or build cliffs, and change rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. You'll start with two terrain options (dirt and grass). Then you can unlock more choices through the Nook Stop at Resident Services.

To conclude, new players sometimes feel disheartened when they don't understand the terminology. Our ACNH glossary will make you feel more at home on your island in no time.


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