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Animal Crossings Studio Apartment Layout and Design Ideas

To get a studio apartment layout right is a lofty task. You need to transform one single room into a bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, and more. Besides, to do so without adding too much clutter can seem impossible. But don't let a small space stop you from creating the Animal Crossing apartment of your dreams. We take inspiration from Kristen's studio apartment and break down everything you need to recreate this look.

In this article:

  1. Go Dark or Monotone
  2. Create Zones
  3. Use All Available Space
  4. Decorate the Walls

Go Dark or Monochrome

Before deciding on your Animal Crossing studio apartment layout, you need the right color pallet. When you have limited space, stick to a monochrome color pallet. Using too much color can make a studio feel cluttered. On the other hand, using the same colors throughout the space makes it feel more cohesive. 

Light walls and floors can make a space feel open and airy. Use bold dark hues with bright accents to create a dramatic impact and sophisticated atmosphere.

Kristen's studio apartment incorporates this design trend with white brick flooring and walls alongside black kitchen appliances and dark furniture. Additionally, she uses plants and ironwood items to add a splash of color.

Create Zones

kristen-studio-appartment-acnh | Animal Crossings Studio Apartment Layout and Design Ideas

Use zones in your studio apartment layout to create distinct areas from a single room. 

When you want to break up an open studio apartment, use a folding screen or panels to create the illusion of separate spaces. You can also divide a room with furniture and rugs. For the best results, use colors that contrast with your floor.

Use All Available Space

kristen-studio-appartment-loft-bed | Animal Crossings Studio Apartment Layout and Design Ideas

Your studio apartment layout doesn't have to be restricted by floor space. Use available vertical space and multi-functional furniture to make the most out of any room.

A loft bed with a desk not only takes up less room but also creates two new areas. Additionally, use wall space for lamps, extra storage, and other decorative pieces rather than floor space.

Decorate the Walls

kristen-studio-appartment-wall-decorations | Animal Crossings Studio Apartment Layout and Design Ideas

Kristen's studio apartment has selective decorations to tie everything together. You can add color to your urban-inspired studio with wall-mounted art and paintings. Even if you stick to your color pallet, art can add character to your room. 

A wall-mounted deer decoration, clock, key holder, or metal plaques can add a contemporary element to your studio apartment. Alternatively, a coconut wall planter or potted ivy introduces color without taking up valuable floor space. 

Your creativity doesn't have to be limited by the amount of available space. We want to inspire and encourage you to be bold with your studio apartment layout and make the most out of every inch. 

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