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Animal Crossing Update: New Content and Improvements

For the past year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons let players transform a desert island into a paradise. Recently, Nintendo announced a free update. Learn more about the new content and improvements the Animal Crossing update delivers this March.

In this article:

  1. Sanrio Collaboration
  2. Custom Design Pro Editor+
  3. Island Tour Creator
  4. Seasonal Items
  5. Mailbox Surprise
  6. Coming Soon

Sanrio Collaboration | Animal Crossing Update: New Content and Improvements

Soon you'll be able to invite six cute Sanrio-inspired Animal Crossing residents to your island with new amiibo cards. You can also trade bells for special Sanrio-themed items in-game. 

The Sanrio Animal Crossing Collaboration Packs will be available from 26 March.

Custom Design Pro Editor+ | Animal Crossing Update: New Content and Improvements

One of the most promising features of the latest Animal Crossing update is the upgrade to the NookPhone's design app. With the upgraded app, you can customize photo stands, small flags, uchiwa fans, and umbrellas. Plus, it adds 50 design slots to the Normal Custom Design and Pro Custom Design modes.

Additionally, you can add the Custom Design Portal from the Able Sisters' shop to your in-game NookPhone app that lets you connect to the internet. In other words, you'll be able to search and share custom designs at any time.

You can unlock these features with Nook Miles at the Nook Stop in Resident Services. 

Island Tour Creator | Animal Crossing Update: New Content and Improvements

A new way to share your island launches on 23 March. The Island Tour Creator is a limited-time web service that lets you use footage and screenshots to create a trailer and poster for your island. Above all, you can share scenes or your favorite spots to highlight what makes your island great. 

For now, it's planned to be available till the end of the year. So, make sure to check it out. You can find out more on the official Animal Crossing Twitter. 

Seasonal Items | Animal Crossing Update: New Content and Improvements

It's Springtime and a new season means a range of new items. 

Between 26 March and 1 April, you can order whoopee cushions from Nook Shopping. These April Fool's Day props come in a variety of colors.

If April Fool's Day doesn't tickle your fancy, get ready for prom season instead. From 1 April, you can get themed fashion items, a prom stash, a prom wall, and prom night flooring. 

Mailbox Surprise | Animal Crossing Update: New Content and Improvements

ACNH has been out for nearly a year. To celebrate, the Animal Crossing update adds a 1st Anniversary Cake. You'll receive yours in the mail after installing the update.

Coming Soon

Animal Crossing New Horizons will collaborate with Build-A-Bear soon. We'll keep you posted on any developments as soon as more details become available.

As always, Nintendo is full of surprises. Enjoy Spring with a few pranks and dust off your dancing shoes for prom season. Most importantly, make sure to download the free Animal Crossing update.


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