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Can Animal Crossing Be Finished?

Are you wondering when you'll finish Animal Crossing: New Horizons or if it has an ending? You're not alone. We break down if and how you can reach the end. 

In this article:

  1. Can You Get to the End of ACNH?
  2. What Can You Finish in ACNH?
  3. How Long Does It Take to Complete ACNH?


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Can You Get to the End of ACNH?

The short answer: yes and no. Unlike other games, there's more to it than a single goal.

Games usually offer hours of entertainment, and then you reach the end. A completionist might go back to finish side quests, but that's it. The story ends, you've slain the dragon, and the princess is safe.

By design, ACNH has no built-in ending, and it all depends on your personal objectives. Ultimately, you want a 5-star rating for your island, or you want to collect all the critters. For others, it's all about the pursuit of perfection. You can continue playing as long as your console still works, at least in theory.

Regardless of your goals, Nintendo will continue releasing new content for the foreseeable future. Besides, every season comes with events and collectibles. So, it may be a while before you run out of things to do.

There's a good chance that you'll run into the game's credits at some stage, but that doesn't mean the game is done. On the contrary, if you stop there, you miss out on the bulk of the gameplay. 


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What Can You Complete in ACNH?

Although ACNH is an open-ended life simulation without one objective, you can complete some aspects of the game:

  • Achieve a 5-star island rating.
  • Catch all the bugs, sea creatures, and fish.
  • Find all the fossils.
  • Make all (current) DIY recipes.
  • Complete the museum and artwork collection.
  • Grow hybrid flowers.
  • Meet every villager.
  • For many players, completing collections isn't nearly as significant as designing the perfect island. ACNH is a creative outlet that enables you to express your ideas and individuality. 


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    How Long Does It Take to Complete ACNH?

    After roughly 50 hours of gameplay, the credits will roll. At this point, you'll obtain part of the achievements, and your island should have a 3-star rating. 

    According to polls, it takes over 300 hours to complete everything. However, it depends on how you play the game. For instance, if you prefer leisurely play, it can take upward of 500 hours, but short cuts like time travel slice that in half.

    Additionally, because there's no boss to defeat or quest to complete, you decide when you're finished. In other words, if you've achieved your goals, you're done. 

    To sum up, someday you'll finish ACNH. In the meantime, there're lots of ways to challenge yourself and build an island paradise. And when you reach the end, it'll be on your terms, when you've done everything you've set out to do.

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