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You must have an empty plot of land for sale, The empty plot will have this sign infront of it. Interact with the sign and it will say "Plot Available"

You need to have the "Residential Services" town hall upgrade along with the 'campsite'

1. Enter the 'Resident Services' building. Sit and talk to Tom Nook.

2. Ask "Let's talk infastructure"

3. Select "sell some land"

4. Pay 10,000 bells to receive the 'housing kit'

5. Place the housing kit where you would like the villager to live

Note: You should only build the housing kit when you plan to obtain the new villager.

If you place a housing kit and leave it overnight a new random vilager will move in!

Tip: You can turn your date on your Nintendo Switch 1-day backwards to make sure this doesn't happen!

If you already have 10 villagers. You will not get the "Sell some land" option.
You will have to kick a villager out. Please see this video for more details.


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