Delivery Instructions – Nooks Treasures

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✅Enter coupon code MAYDAY15 for 15% off at checkout!✅

Delivery Instructions


STEP 1: Place your order

After placing your order take note of your order numbergo to chat here or  the bottom right corner of the screen. (Tip: Stay on the checkout confirmation screen which shows your order number)


STEP 2: Go to our messenger livechat

You will be greeted by the chatbot. Choose the option "I Have a New Order" and follow the instructions and prompts carefully. If you did not pay by card, we will guide you on how to pay with your choosen payment method.


STEP 3: Collect your order

After successful payment, we will ask you for your dodo code or send you ours to collect your order.


We rarely check or respond to e-mails. Reaching us via messenger is necessary to recieve your order.

You can use a guest account if you don't have Facebook!

If you can't find your order number, we can help in the chat. The delivery staff are in the chat so it's not just a bot! 

Nintendo Subscription required! You can sign up for a 7-day trial.